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Here we go with another edition of “What is Duchess Meghan Doing Wrong This Time?” Meghan is being blasted for showing PDA with her husband, Prince Harry, at the 100th birthday celebration for the Royal Air Force. What did she do? She was holding Harry’s elbow. Gasp! On top of that, once they were seated inside the church for the service, Meghan was seen once again sitting with her legs crossed at the knees. Eventually she realized it and ever so casually adjusted her legs so that they crossed at the ankles instead. The girl’s trying, people, give her a break!

Everybody’s talking about Mel B’s booty now that a clip from a few years ago has resurfaced. The video, which has been circulating online, shows “X Factor” judge Louis Walsh groping Mel B’s behind on live television. The clip features Mel and her fellow “X Factor UK” judges, including Simon Cowell and Cheryl, on a live talk show when Louis is seen holding and then patting Mel B’s behind. Mel, though, reacted like a champ and stood up and demanded to know, “Hold on a second! Why are you grabbing my butt?”

Some models are taking heat for walking the runway in the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show on Friday. Why? After Stefano Gabbana made nasty comments about Selena Gomez, on top of other terrible things the heads of the company have said in the past, many people were disappointed to see that Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen,and Ashley Graham, among other stars, were there supporting the brand. Fans on social media were quick to call out Ashley Graham and Naomi Campbell specifically as both also participated in the April show for the brand. One wrote, “I’m completely disappointed in you, Ashley, for walking in this show. Their behavior toward women is not ok. SHAME,” while yet another wrote, “So are we gonna casually ignore the fact @dolcegabbana is pretty unethical with their homophobic comments? And lets not forget that @stefanogabbana bullies young girls online calling them ugly. Love you Naomi, but this company sucks..”

Demi Moore is the victim of credit card fraud. A 35-year-old man, David Matthew Read, reported Demi’s AmEx card lost or stolen in March, and when the new one was delivered through FedEx, he was there to receive it. He then went on quite the spending spree, hitting up the high-end stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. He allegedly ran up $169,000 over just a few weeks. He was finally caught and arrested. Must be some pretty snazzy mug shots, given all the haute couture clothing he’s picked up on her tab.


Dina’s Dirt at 8:40

We’re hearing that Meghan Markle has been told to dress “less like a Hollywood star and more like a royal” by palace aides. It’s no secret that Meghan has broken royal protocol every now and then, most recently showing off a thigh-high slit while in Australia, and wearing a lot of pantsuits (Queen Elizabeth reportedly…

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Forbes is out with its its Hightest-Paid Women in Music for 2018 list. Katy Perry is at the top, barely beating out Taylor Swift. How did she earn her $83 million? She played 80 tour dates, grossing over $1 million per night, and she got $20 million for being a judge on “American Idol.” Here’s…

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It’s safe to say it’s been a rough year for “Melrose Place” star Heather Locklear. We previously reported that she’s being sued by the EMT that she attacked. And now, just a few weeks later, Heather has reportedly been placed on psychiatric hold… again. Heather was taken to the hospital on Sunday and put on…

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Congratulations are in order for “This Is Us” star Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith – the two got married yesterday in Los Angeles. They got married in Mandy’s backyard with a “very hobo” theme, including rugs around the alter and feathers in the flower arrangements. Minka Kelly, Wilmer Valderrama, and Mandy’s “This Is Us” co-star…