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Ariana Grande is reportedly devastated over the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, and apparently it may affect her upcoming wedding plans. “In Touch Weekly” claims Mac’s death has led to Ariana and her fiancé, Pete Davidson, to postpone their wedding. According to their source, “She was on cloud nine planning the big day… but Mac’s passing has really shaken her up.” The source did add that Pete is “fine with postponing the wedding,” adding, “He just wants to be there to comfort Ariana. He knows Mac’s death is incredibly difficult for her.”As you can imagine, Ariana hasn’t commented on the article, and there has been no official confirmation that her wedding plans have been put on hold.

Selena Gomez stepped out in New York City this week and made quite a fashion statement. Selena wore a barrette in her hair that spelled out “UGLY” in rhinestones. While Selena, who was in town for New York Fashion Week, hasn’t commented on her hair accessory, her fans believe it was her way of responding to Italian designer Stefano Gabbana, who, as we previously told you, called Selena ugly.

If Heidi Klum has her way, Christian Siriano will be the new Tim Gunn on “Project Runway.” As you know, both she and Tim are leaving the reality show to develop something with Amazon. While she hasn’t expressed who she’d like to see replace her, she thinks that the show’s Season Four winner would be a perfect fit to fill in for TIm. After all, he’s been the most successful winner in the history of the show. As long as it doesn’t interfere with him being able to keep designing for Payless, I’m okay with it.

Shawn Mendes is sporting some bruises on his pretty face, and they’re the result of a scooter accident. Shawn showed off the bruises on Instagram and said he made the mistake of looking behind him while he was riding his scooter. As for why his face sustained the most injuries, he apparently chose to fall face first in order to save his guitar-playing hand for an upcoming show he was taping. And while you may think that would keep someone from ever riding a scooter again, Shawn admitted, “It has nothing to do with the scooter. It has everything to do with being an idiot, (and) being 20. If anybody asked me if they should ride them, I would say yes.” Plus, a guy with scars is always more attractive to the ladies anyway, right?


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Liar, liar…. Despite Kylie Jenner telling the world she recently tried cereal with milk for the first time, it seems someone else has uncovered the truth. TMZ did a little digging and found out that Kylie had actually posted a picture on Instagram of a bowl of what appeared to be corn flakes with milk,…

Dina’s Dirt at 7:40

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have had a great summer together in Los Angeles with her family and their baby, True. But now it’s time for him to go back to work with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Khloé is going with him. An insider says that the two are in a really good place right…

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Julie Chen already announced Tuesday she won’t be coming back to “The Talk,” and apparently, this season of “Big Brother” will also be her last, despite reports claiming she is expected to return next season. A source said, “Her contract expires in two weeks and will not renew. There is no offer, and she didn’t…

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Paris Hilton seems to be throwing shade at Kim Kardashian after Kim posted a couple of nude pictures promoting her new cherry blossom-themed makeup line. Kim posted a nude photo, showing her sitting in a mound of cherry blossoms that led up her body, covering her breasts and wrapped around her arms. Then there is…