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Meghan Markle is getting support from her dad. It’s not Thomas Markle – it’s Wendell Pierce, her on-screen dad from “Suits.” According to a source, “Meghan and Wendell worked together for years and he really cared about her like she was his own daughter. He’s been defending her lately and she was so touched by his comments that she reached out to him.” As the two were on set to film her character Rachel Zane’s wedding scene for “Suits,” Wendell gave her some good advice leading up to her real wedding. He said, “We had a moment I cherish. I was sitting with Meghan in her wedding dress as we waited for a set-up. We were alone. I said to her, ‘Your life is going to change. It’s going to be amazing, but I want you to know that I’m your friend, and no matter where you are or what’s going on — if the fishbowl that you’re in ever starts getting to you — you can call me.” From what we hear, Meghan has called him. The source added, “Meghan would never admit it publicly, but she does feel vulnerable after all the drama with Thomas, and she likes that she has a father figure from her old world for support.”

Is there drama between Jennifer Hudson and the new coach on “The Voice?” NBC is adding a fifth coach to the show this season , Kelsea Ballerini, and rumor has it Jennifer Hudson isn’t too happy about it. Kelsea, 25, will be joining current judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer. Her role will be to mentor six contestants during the comeback . An insider said, “Kelsea was picked by Blake who insisted that they choose a country star. While Kelly and Kelsea get along great, the two are already at odds with Jennifer, who is like her own entity.” The source added, “Jennifer doesn’t really get along with anyone and she is continuing to cause a disturbance. She is also very opinionated when it came to the new hire.” We’ll have to see how the team gets when season 15 of “The Voice” premieres on Monday, September 24.

Fans of the “Superman” franchise were losing their minds after hearing a tabloid rumor that ready Henry Cavill wouldn’t be returning to the role. Warner Bros. has responded to the rumors, and though they confirmed he hasn’t left yet, they didn’t exactly say he was still solidly connected to the character. Initially, a story claimed that Henry was going to leave the role over a possible Superman cameo in the upcoming film “Shazam!” when it fell through. But according to Warner Bros. “no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films.” Henry’s manager also wrote, “Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet. [Warner Bros Pictures] has been and continues to be our partners as they evolve the DC Universe.” Not only that, but Henry himself posted a cryptic video on Instagram showing off his Superman doll (sorry – action figure) and captioned it, “Today was exciting.” Something tells us that it wouldn’t be such an “exciting” day if he had just lost his big role in the franchise, but we’ll keep you superhero fans posted as the story develops.

“America’s Got Talent” isn’t the only “Got Talent” show out there – it’s in 58 countries. But in the 13 seasons of AGT, we’ve seen a number of contestants from around the world. Nobody really fretted over it, that is until Courtney Hadwin, a 13-year-old singer from County Durham, England, came on the scene with a real shot of winning the show. Courtney is the young shy girl whose first performance singing Janis Joplin earned her the golden buzzer from Howie Mandel. As we’re in the semi-finals, and Courtney blew the crowd away yet again with “Born to Be Wild,” Howie said, “My prediction is you’re going to be the winner.” Okay, now people are paying attention, wondering how someone NOT from America can win “America’s Got Talent.” On top of that, it was discovered that Courtney was on “The Voice Kids UK” and made t to the finals there. She also played the role of young Cosette in a production of “Les Miserables” in England. Although some fans aren’t happy about her being on AGT, a spokesperson for the show said, “International acts are eligible to participate in the initial AGT auditions on visitor visas. If selected to proceed to the program live shows, AGT works with acts to secure appropriate performer visas which give acts authorization to perform throughout the series.” And let’s not forget, three of the judges aren’t from America either. And, for the record, Sacred Riana, who was kicked off earlier this season, won “Asia’s Got Talent” in 2017. So Courtney’s not the only one double-dipping in the “Got Talent” pool.


Dina’s Dirt at 8:40

Basketball got real dangerous real fast for “If Beale Street Could Talk” actress Regina King. She was watching the Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, when Joel Embiid, a 7-foot, 250-pound player, leaped over her head to stop a ball from going out of bounds. Watching it unfold in slow-motion, you…

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We’ve been telling you that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have renewed their friendship, that their past is now behind them, especially because Brad supposedly “asked for Jen’s forgiveness a long time ago.” Now, we know what that was about. According to Us Weekly, Brad regrets the way he handled the divorce, which at the…

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Now that Jussie Smollett has spoken his truth on Good Morning America, Chicago police have confirmed that they’re talking to two persons of interest in connection with the alleged attack on the “Empire” star. But from what we hear, \ police are looking into whether he and the two men staged the attack because of…

Dina’s Dirt at 8:40

Here’s some bad news for “This Is Us” fans. The show may be ending sooner than you think. In a new interview, showrunners Isaak Aptaker and Dan Fogelman imply that “This Is Us” could end after its sixth season. It just wasn’t meant to go on and on “endlessly,” since Fogelman says that they’ve kept…