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Does “The Walking Dead” have one foot in the grave? There’s been a lot of hype over season nine of “The Walking Dead,” but the season premiere was actually the lowest-rated premiere in the show’s history. The AMC series drew only a 2.5 rating in adults ages 18 to 49, bringing in 6.2 million viewers. But the biggest worry is that there was a 50% drop in the key demo and 47% total viewers compared to the last season’s premiere. Maybe a lot of people figure if Rick and Maggie are leaving the show, there’s not much reason to keep watching. Um, hello? There’s Daryl! There’s always Daryl….

Tiffany Haddish isn’t afraid to ask for pay that is equal to what her male costars are making. Tiffany said, “I think the reason why, a lot of times, we don’t get paid the same as men do is because we don’t talk about. I think we do need to talk about it because I sure get in there and I’m like, ‘Hey, Kate Hudson. How much do they pay you for that? What kind of perks do you get for that?’” She added, “You know what they say? ‘A closed mouth don’t get fed.’ And a lot of the times we don’t open our mouths because we don’t even really know what we’re supposed to get. So, that’s why I do the research. I ask around. I’ve made friends with line producers that cut those checks, production managers so I can be like, ‘So, on average, how much does a girl get paid for? How much does a guy get paid?‘ Okay, I’m gonna ask for the guy fee on this one.”

Not only do Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams play sister on Game of Thrones (Sansa and Arya Stark), but they are just as close as sisters off-screen. According to Sophie, “The past few seasons Maisie and I have sleepovers every night when we’re shooting. Or every night whenever both of us are in town.” But these weren’t your average sleepovers. Sophie said, “We just used to sit there and eat and watch stupid videos and smoke weed. I don’t know if my publicist will kill me for saying this; we’d get high and then we’d sit in the bath together and we’d rub makeup brushes on our faces. It’s fun.” Wow, sounds saucier than the show itself!

Pete Davidson may have joked about a prenuptial agreement with fiancée Ariana Grande on SNL, but apparently, they are working on one in real life. Pete is estimated to have a net worth of around $3 million from SNL, as well as other little jobs here and there, while Ariana is estimated to be worth around $45 million. Pete said, “Obviously I wanted one, you know, so God forbid we split up and then she takes half my sneakers. But in all seriousness, he added, “No look, I’m totally comfortable being with a successful woman; I think it’s dope. I live at her place. She pays like 60 grand for rent, and all I have to do is, like, stock the fridge.” If that’s the case, why would he ever want to leave her?


Dina’s Dirt at 8:40

Basketball got real dangerous real fast for “If Beale Street Could Talk” actress Regina King. She was watching the Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, when Joel Embiid, a 7-foot, 250-pound player, leaped over her head to stop a ball from going out of bounds. Watching it unfold in slow-motion, you…

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We’ve been telling you that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have renewed their friendship, that their past is now behind them, especially because Brad supposedly “asked for Jen’s forgiveness a long time ago.” Now, we know what that was about. According to Us Weekly, Brad regrets the way he handled the divorce, which at the…

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Now that Jussie Smollett has spoken his truth on Good Morning America, Chicago police have confirmed that they’re talking to two persons of interest in connection with the alleged attack on the “Empire” star. But from what we hear, \ police are looking into whether he and the two men staged the attack because of…

Dina’s Dirt at 8:40

Here’s some bad news for “This Is Us” fans. The show may be ending sooner than you think. In a new interview, showrunners Isaak Aptaker and Dan Fogelman imply that “This Is Us” could end after its sixth season. It just wasn’t meant to go on and on “endlessly,” since Fogelman says that they’ve kept…