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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have settled their divorce, and things could not have gone any smoother. A private judge dissolved their marriage on Wednesday. The two agreed on joint legal and physical custody of their 6-year-old son Jack, agreeing on a “flexible timeshare” around their availability and work schedules. They also agreed to live no further than five miles apart from each other until Jack completes the sixth grade, according to their divorce settlement. Each must provide written notice to the other if they plan on moving outside of the five-mile limit. If either wants to take Jack on a trip out of the country written notice will also need to be provided with 30 days notice. Chris and Anna waived their right to spousal support from each other, but that was already worked out in a prenup. As for child support, they agreed to set it at $0, with neither paying child support to the other, but they both have to contribute to a joint bank account for Jack’s monthly expenses. Anna and Chris will also alternate years in claiming their son as a dependent on their tax returns – Chris gets evens, Anna gets odds. It seems their divorce is going as smoothly as their new relationship as single parents. The two took Jack out trick-or-treating together along with their new significant others.

As we told you a few weeks ago, Owen Wilson welcomed a newborn baby girl, Lyla, with his on-and-off girlfriend, Varunie Vongsvirates. But it seems Owen hasn’t even met the new baby yet. In fact, a source said that Owen has pretty much “refused to meet his daughter,” even opting out of visitation on official court docs. The source added, “He does not want to visit [and does not] want any custody of her.” His relationship with the mom is apparently just as distant, too. According to the source, he wasn’t in touch with Varunie during her pregnancy or since she gave birth, although he reportedly knew about the pregnancy since she was four weeks in. Owen already shares a seven-year-old, Robert Wilson, with his ex-girlfriend, Jade Duell, and a four-year-old, Finn Wilson, with Caroline Lindqvist. At least he fathered them.

This has been a great year for Red Sox player Mookie Betts. Not only did his team win the World Series, he just became a dad. Mookie and his longtime girlfriend, Brianna Hammonds, had their first child together, a baby girl. He wrote on social media, “Never knew what unconditional love meant or how it felt until I met this little princess,” adding, “Nov 6th 2018 is a day I’ll never forget❤️” Guess all those late-night celebrations are going to have to start wrapping up early now.

Octavia Spencer has been pretty open about having a thing for Brad Pitt. Now that he’s single, she wants Ellen DeGeneres to hook them up. She told Ellen that when she ran into Brad at the 2018 Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, she squeezed him. According to Octavia, “His face lit up and then security whisked him away.” In the meantime, Octavia is getting into shape, being trained by her “Instant Family” co-star, Mark Wahlberg. Maybe Mark can hook her up with Brad if Ellen falls through.


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We’re hearing that Meghan Markle has been told to dress “less like a Hollywood star and more like a royal” by palace aides. It’s no secret that Meghan has broken royal protocol every now and then, most recently showing off a thigh-high slit while in Australia, and wearing a lot of pantsuits (Queen Elizabeth reportedly…

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Forbes is out with its its Hightest-Paid Women in Music for 2018 list. Katy Perry is at the top, barely beating out Taylor Swift. How did she earn her $83 million? She played 80 tour dates, grossing over $1 million per night, and she got $20 million for being a judge on “American Idol.” Here’s…

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It’s safe to say it’s been a rough year for “Melrose Place” star Heather Locklear. We previously reported that she’s being sued by the EMT that she attacked. And now, just a few weeks later, Heather has reportedly been placed on psychiatric hold… again. Heather was taken to the hospital on Sunday and put on…

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Congratulations are in order for “This Is Us” star Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith – the two got married yesterday in Los Angeles. They got married in Mandy’s backyard with a “very hobo” theme, including rugs around the alter and feathers in the flower arrangements. Minka Kelly, Wilmer Valderrama, and Mandy’s “This Is Us” co-star…