7 Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About Brynn Cartelli

Brynn Cartelli of Longmeadow, MA is on Kelly Clarkson’s team in the 14th season of “The Voice” on NBC. Brynn just turned 15 and is one of the favorites (if not THE favorite) to win it all.  As Brynn heads to the finale of The Voice, Brynn and her mom, Deb, shared some very cool facts with The Kellogg Krew morning show.

Did you know these facts about Brynn?

  1. Best subject in school? Geometry.
  2. Who was Brynn’s local voice coach? Peter Thomsen, a retired Longmeadow MA High school choral director.
  3. Favorite restaurant? One of Brynn’s favorites is Typical Sicilian in Springfield, MA.
  4. Favorite thing to eat at dinner? Chicken Parmesan.
  5. Did Brynn win many school talent shows? Brynn came in 2nd one year and the next year came back to win it.
  6. Where has Brynn sang the national anthem? Gillette Stadium, at Longmeadow MA High School, local road races and for other youth sports in town.
  7. Brynn’s favorite NFL team? Why the Patriots of course


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