12 Brynn Cartelli Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Brynn Cartelli talking with The Kellogg Krew.

Brynn Cartelli is on her way to super-stardom thanks to her success on NBC’s The Voice. Having just turned 15, she has shocked the world with what judges have called Brynn an “old soul”. Brynn’s town of Longmeadow MA and Western MA has been voting for her like crazy using The official VOICE app and by downloading her top 10 songs on iTunes. But just when you think you know all about Brynn’s life, here are some more incredible facts about Brynn and her family. Here’s what the Kellogg Krew has learned from Brynn and her mom Deb.

Did you know these facts about Brynn?

  1. Brynn plays lacrosse, and is a member of the USA Field Hockey. In 7th grade Brynn had a stress fracture injury that took her out of lacrosse for the spring season. She got through that time by delving deeper into her music. Brynn wrote a ton of songs and took her musical talents to a whole new level.
  2. Brynn started playing the guitar in 6th grade. She was playing songs on it within 2 days of getting it.
  3. Brynn’s family has a nickname for her. “Dude” or “Dudes” is her nickname at home. It started out as “Doodle” when she was little and eventually turned into Dude or Dudes. Her family calls her that at least one time a day or more. Her mom Deb says, it “Almost seems weird to call her by actual name, honestly.”
  4. Brynn’s first solo singing performance was at Blueberry Hill School talent show held at Longmeadow High School. She sang Adele’s “One & Only” for “Blueberry’s Got Talent.” She was in 5th grade.
  5. Brynn’s favorite basketball team is the Celtics, her favorite baseball team is the Red Sox, and her favorite football team is the New England Patriots.
  6. Brynn’s first job was watching children. She was an incredible babysitter. With her beautiful voice can you imagine her singing lullabies to the children before bed?
  7. Brynn’s favorite color? Pink? Purple? Nope, Blue!
  8. Who coined the term for her fans called, Brynnions? Her parents did.
  9. How old was she when she wrote her first song? She was 11-years-old when she wrote her first song called “Future of Us.” (click title to see her sing it on YouTube).
  10. What TV show would you NEVER want to erase on Brynn’s DVR? “New Girl“. She’s a big fan of the show.
  11. Making America proud again and again. Brynn performed the National Anthem at Gillette Stadium in 2016.

Brynn happened to be the youngest contestant to make it this far on The Voice starting at the age of 14. Ironically, it’s the 14th season of The Voice.  Also, Kelly Clarkson has sold 14 million albums, and just had her 14th top-twenty hit! Coincidence? I say it’s fate!

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