Drake’s official ‘In My Feelings’ video a tribute to #InMyFeelingsChallenge

Drake’s official ‘In My Feelings’ video a tribute to #InMyFeelingsChallenge

(CNN) – With so many videos of people dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings,” you would think an actual music video wouldn’t even be needed.

But you would be so wrong.

The rapper dropped an official music video Thursday in tribute to the #InMyFeelingsDanceChallenge that has gone viral.

The almost eight-minute long video features Drake in New Orleans, trying to profess his love to “KeKe” — or “KiKI” depending on who you ask — played by “Power” actress La La Anthony.

Her mother, played by venerable actress Phylicia Rashad, is less than impressed with the lovelorn Drake’s efforts and yells to him from her window, “I want you to get your Jordans off my walkway.”

“This is not a Taye Diggs movie, sir,” Rashad tells him. “You a grown man. Carry your a** on home, now.”

Drake then takes the audience through scenes around NOLA that include cameos by Big Freedia and City Girls’ Yung Miami, who both appear on the track.

Of course, there are also plenty of people doing the dance and an appearance by Shiggy, the viral social media star who started the dance craze.

Celebs, including Will Smith and Ciara, have done their versions if the dance that led to thousands of others doing the challenge.

The version where people hop from a moving car and record themselves while dancing on the street became so popular the NTSB issued a warning against it.

One Florida man, Jaylen Norwood, 22, slipped and was hit by a car when he attempted the challenge.

Norwood, who was not badly injured, appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday to talk about the experience, saying it made him “the most famous guy in Florida.”

In his music video, Drake jokes about the craze by having it all be a dream.

“I just had a dream that I made some song about some girl,” Drake tells a friend after he awakens. “I was from New Orleans, I had like, a grill in my mouth. And then this kid from New York that spits when he talks all the time did some dance to it, and then the world did the dance, and Will Smith was there. It was terrible!”

The video ends with Shiggy playing a production assistant sent to fetch Drake.

The credits then roll as several viral videos of people performing the challenge are shown.

The music video was directed by Karena Evans, who also directed Drake’s videos “Nice For What”, “God’s Plan” and “I’m Upset.”


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